At Advanced Industries Inc., we have the right blend of technical skills and the leading edge equipment needed to efficiently and cost-effectively manufacture precision extrusion dies. We produced the single layer extrusion die shown here for an application in the automotive market.

After making an evaluation of the part features and geometry, our production staff determined that using our Okuma LT300 MY multi-function machining center was the best option for machining this die. With the Okuma’s full fourth axis capability, we could machine the flow channels around the outer diameter and keep operations limited to one machining setup. Also, by machining the workpiece in one operation, we had the high degree of control we needed to maintain all feature locations and hole patterns relative to each other. If multiple setups were needed, we could not achieve the same degree of accuracy and consistency of relative position tolerances.

Featuring dimensions of 4.0” in diameter and 5.6” in length, we constructed this workpiece from Hastelloy® C276, a nickel-based superalloy with excellent high-temperature strength and oxidation resistance. Gibbs Cam 3D software allowed us to adjust factors such as feed, speed, depth-of-cut, and tooling to uphold close ±.0005” tolerances. After machining, we polished the flow channels to a 16 or better surface finish to improve the flow characteristics. Quality assurance involved full CMM measurement to validate the die’s dimensional accuracy.

Characterized by its high-quality construction from premium grade materials, we manufactured this die to ensure production of an exceptional quality extrusion that meets the high standard of excellence required in the automotive industry.

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Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Okuma LT300 MY (8 Axis)
Overall Part Dimensions
6.00” O.D. x 10.30” Long
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Hastelloy C276
Material Finish
Machined & Polished
Industry for Use
In Process Testing / Inspection Performed
All dimensions on Zeiss CMM
1 Assembly
Delivery / Turnaround Time
4 weeks
Standards Met
AS9100D and ISOAS9100D and ISO 9001:2015
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